A quick La Union Getaway

I have always wanted to visit La Union as it is being hyped by a lot of people in social media. I will not lie and tell you straight up that I did not like it as much as I thought I would be. Maybe because I set my expectations too high for this place? Maybe..

I understand that the beach in La Union is primarily for surfing thus the sand might not be as fine and as white as the other beaches i’ve been to. If you are into surfing, i’ll recommend this but if you want that chill and relaxed beach vibe, i’d tell you to look for other beach resorts as this ain’t it.

La Union is a busy place. Food hubs and parties are everywhere. It basically is a commercial place. Food prices ranges from 200-400 per dish and it does not even taste that good. It was underwhelming. Phew!

Nevertheless, it still boils down to whoever you are with, right? I enjoyed this trip and I wouldn’t mind coming back next time.

Jam Nesreen

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