#ABCommunityPH77 Grand Meet-up by @skincaresph

Last July 07, 2019, I attended the ABCommunityPH77 Grand Meet-up organized by @skincaresph. It was a day dedicated to meeting people and learning more about skincare.

Just a brief introduction on what abcommunityph77 is, AB means Asian Beauty. You will usually see hashtags of these used in Instagram. The meet-up also happened on July 07 hence the PH 77.

There were talks conducted by different Korean brands such as Hayejin, RecellMe, Another Bright, and RR Korean Shop. The organizers also prepared a lot of games and raffles in between talks.

I honestly cannot share a lot since I came late to the event and was alone the entire time but shout out to my seatmate Cindy and Jen. Yay! 2 out of a lot of people. At least I’ve made friends! That is already progress for my introverted anxious self.

Food, flyers, samplers, and candies were also provided. The participants also did mask swap which I opted to not join but I can vouch that it was so much fun!

The best part of the event, you ask? Of course, it would be the loot bags! I was so shocked to see that it was full to the brim! I kid you not, this has been the most generous loot bag I have gotten in my entire life. Below is my haul from the event.






These were all contained inside the canvass bag which is so cute! Also, we were all given a lanyard with our nicknames and Instagram handle. Isn’t that so cool?



Another best part and was so unexpected was that my name was picked in the Hayejin raffle! I won their Blessing of Sprout set.


Looking forward to future ABCommunityPH77 events! 🙂

Jam Nesreen


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