I can’t even count how many blogs I’ve had and scraped and pulled out of the web. I just am not a consistent one but I know that this is what I really want to do so here I am again attempting to write an About Me page.

Writing an About Me page is so hard and I can’t even understand why. Lol. I do not have a brief witty description of myself so I’ll rather list 50 facts about me. Enjoy! 🙂

50 Facts About Me:

  1. My birthday is December 16.
  2. I have a degree in BSBA major in Internal Auditing.
  3. I  went to Far Eastern University for college.
  4. My learning style is Kinesthetics.
  5. My love language is Physical Touch.
  6. I love the beach, it’s my happy place.
  7. I’m an introvert.
  8. I suck at small talk. I don’t know how to start and end a conversation so I’d rather not start/or hang up.
  9. I’m such an indecisive person.
  10. My zodiac sign is Sagittarius and I am fascinated by Astrology.
  11. I love make-ups!
  12. I used to read 50 books every year.
  13. I have a sweet tooth. I can finish a big bar of chocolate in 5 mins. 🙂
  14. I love staying at home on my days off.
  15. I cannot function without drinking coffee.
  16. I’ve met 8 international authors and they were all awesome!
  17. I collect books.
  18. My favorite author is Mitch Albom.
  19. My favorite band is The Script.
  20. I have short attention span that I can tell 9 little bits of stories in a story.
  21. I literally do not have sense of direction.
  22. My biggest pet peeve is going through my things without my permission.
  23. I love eating. I eat everything that’s edible and not pork.
  24. I’ve never been out of the country. (I wish to cross this out soon!)
  25. I’ve had 3 near death experiences.
  26. I always fail at budgeting.
  27. My greatest dream is getting my own place out of my own earnings.
  28. My dream job is anything that pays well while I do things that I get excited about a.k.a writing.
  29. I do not know how to swim but I love playing in the water (pool, any bodies of water!)
  30. HIMYM is my favorite series.
  31. I’m good at online stalking. You can basically hire me for this lol.
  32. I cannot sleep without blanket and my should be covered.
  33. Youtube is my blackhole. I love watching vlogs!
  34. I’m not good at letting go of anything that has been my comfort/love.
  35. I get anxious and palpitations when I’m stressed.
  36. I do not have a favorite movie but I enjoy romcom movies.
  37. I have this obsession of watching wedding videos. They just warm my heart.
  38. I like organizing/planning trips (to the beach lol).
  39. I have a bad habit of cussing and I’m trying real hard to minimize it.
  40. I’m a skincare junkie.
  41. I’m a hoarder and I can’t help it (and also an impulsive buyer).
  42. I stand 5″2 tall.
  43. Sunsets calms me.
  44. I strongly believe that there is beauty in mediocrity, in the ordinary, in the small things.
  45. In a team, I’m one of those Dolphins kind. I like harmony. (Try searching this personality test! :))
  46. I’m an INFP on Myers Briggs Test.
  47. I undergo an eye operation when I was below 10 years old.
  48. Can’t live a day without listening to music.
  49. My spirit animal is a humming bird. I like to explore things and test waters before finding my niche (which i haven’t still to this day).
  50. My feelings and of others always go first in my decision makings.


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  1. i was inspired to continue writing after I’ve read that you have scraped a lot of blogs before too because i did the same thing too, i am also an inconsistent person hahahahahaha! but your blog helped me a lot so i thought i can restart too!

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