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Aladdin Live-action Remake | What I Think About It

Oh wow what a late Aladdin Live-Action Remake review! I am just staying on brand because duh Jam is late to everything. Haha!

The Aladdin movie that nobody asked for: did I like it or did I not?

First off, I am not the type of movie-goer who critics a movie down to its core so if you are looking for a bit by bit review, this is not it. But, but… I am gonna give you my thoughts that you also never asked for. Haha!

I am not a big Aladdin fan but I did like how the movie was made however, I have some things that I want to point out:

1. DJ KHALED??? It felt so out of place!

2. Jafar could have yelled out the iconic “I WANT TO BE THE MOST POWERFUL SORCERER IN THE WORLD” in a more powerful way. Why is he mumbling all throughout???

3. They removed the villain song?

4. The live-action Jafar was boring, let’s admit it.

5. I LOVED JASMINE. She was beautiful but also so fierce. Don’t even get me started on her singing voice. It was A plus! The Speechless song was one of my favorites.

6. Will Smith is one of the least worst thing in this movie. He killed that Genie role and made it his own, imo.

7. I liked the costumes and set design. It wow-ed me. Especially Jasmine’s.

8. The Prince Ali song was excellent. It stuck with me more than the A Whole New World did. Something is lack in the A Whole New World song but I just couldn’t pin point what it was.

9. The changes in the film have weird and awkward placements.

10. I felt like I was watching a Bollywood movie and didn’t feel the Disney vibe.

Overall, I liked the movie. It wasn’t as bad as how everyone looked at it. For me, the Aladdin live-action remake was entertaining and it stayed with me for days making me sing the Prince Ali song every now and then. It was worth watching.

To add to this review, I would list down three things that I will wish for if I ever have the magical lamp. (Take note: THINGS. So this is the materialistic edition wish lol)

  1. To be able to buy everything listed in here.
  2. A beach house that has a garden view backyard.
  3. A car. Would love a Tesla!

How about you? What are your three wishes?

Jam Nesreen

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