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All Covered by Anna Cay | Air Blender Sponges Review

Here’s a review of All Covered by Anna Cay Air Blender Sponges which are the newest and the first release in Anna Cay’s makeup line.

The Air Blender Sponges are the Teardrop Pink and Bevelled Black. It was released last February 14 and it sold out in just 13 minutes! Crazy, right?! The air blender sponges retails for Php288 each and is exclusively sold online on Shopee.

All covered by anna cay

I was lucky enough to have ordered two of the teardrop pink sponge. One for me and one for my friend. Just an heads up that I can only speak for the teardrop pink and not the bevelled black.

All Covered by Anna Cay Air Blender Sponge Review

First off, the packaging.

The sponge comes in a white box with rose gold touches. It is also sealed with Anna Cay’s decal logo. When you open the box, you will find another rose gold typography with their social media details and a welcome card. The sponge was covered in a Japanese paper. I love how minimalist, chic and classy the packaging is. It is very Anna Cay. Also, I like that the packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

All covered by anna cay

Now on to the actual sponge.

I have tested the sponge multiple times already. What I could really say is, it is very, very, very soft! It feels like marshmallow that’s touching your skin. This has been the softest sponge that has ever laid on my skin. As per their social media accounts, the sponge is best used when damp but since it is so soft, it’s also fine if you use it dry. It all boils down to your preference, actually.

All covered by anna cay

The air blender sponge expands into a decent size when damp making it easy to blend your foundation. It is durable. I have tried washing it several times with my long nails and did not leave any dent.

All covered by anna cay

All covered by anna cay

All covered by anna cay

The downside of this sponge is it soaks a lot of products. This might be because of its extreme softness. You might want to dab your foundation first onto your face instead of applying it directly on the sponge.

Another downside for me is the marks/stains of foundation on the base side that I cannot seem to thoroughly clean. Okay, maybe it’s just my OCD self talking. Lol.

All covered by anna cay

Overall, I love the sponge and I will probably stock up on it when they restock. You can check out their IG and Shopee account if you want to purchase yours too.

I still can’t believe that i’m doing an All Covered by Anna Cay Review! Anna has gone a long way! Congratulations, Anna Cay! Can’t wait for the next releases! ❤️

Jam Nesreen

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  1. Wow! It sold out in 13 minutes? That’s crazy. So lucky that you were able to snag a couple! I don’t blame you for complaining about the stains you can’t get out. That would bother me, too, lol!

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