Birthday / December Wishlist

Have you heard? It’s the last month of the year already? How crazy is that? But oh well.. December is my favorite out of all the months. It’s my birth month and Holiday season is upon us. For me, it has always been the happiest month!

What better way to start Blogmas than a Wishlist post? This is a wink to all my family and friends to give them an idea on what to get me for my birthday and for the holidays, as a whole.

Here are my Birthday / December Wishlist:

1. Lavendaire 2020 Artist of Life Workbook

Lavendaire 2020

Aileen of Lavendaire has always been my go-to for inspiration and self-development tips. I would really love to get my hands on her Artist of Life Workbook. It has different tasks, reflections and journal prompts. Also, isn’t it so beautiful??? I’m eye-ing the Lavender one!

2. Film Camera

December wishlist

The comeback of film camera is making me want to buy one too! It’s like trip down the memory lane when you snap photos using film! It’s so much fun and exciting. I also love the natural effect that a film camera gives. No filter needed.

3. Air Fryer

December wishlist

Wow can’t believe I’m adding grown-up stuff on my wishlist now. Every time I watch a Youtube video, I always see influencers use an air fryer and the food output looks so delish. It is also easy to use, perfect for on the go girls and it’s healthy because you don’t need too much oil!

4. Turntable

December wishlist

I know I can use Spotify or Apple Music for listening to music but I really want my own turntable and collect vintage Vinyl Records. Don’t ask me why. I just want it, okay? Lmao.

5. Weighted Blanket

December wishlist

If you know me well, you probably know by now that I am such a baby when it comes to cold. I always need to be warm or else you will find me in the bathroom nursing a sick stomach. The weighted blanket is perfect for single people like me. HAHAHA. It comfort it gives is similar to a huge hug and it promises to reduce anxiety and it promotes better sleep.  Basically, everything I need in life is in this blanket.

6. Skincare Fridge

Skincare fridge

This doesn’t need any explanation anymore. A skincare junkie needs her own skincare fridge. That’s it.

7. Waterproof Speaker


For the life of my phone, somebody please gift me a waterproof speaker so I can dance in peace while in the bathroom without getting my phone’s life in pedestal. Haha!

8. Gym Membership


We all know how expensive a gym membership is. My broke ass needs someone to sponsor her a gym membership to keep her blood flowing and to keep her fit. I’ve been dying to try Pilates as it looks so much fun! I wanna hear my bones stretch!

9. Bed Sheets

December wishlist

I need a soft and crisp set of bed sheets! Preferably, the satin ones! I cannot fathom how expensive these adult things are and it’s driving me cray cray every time I need to run to the store and buy the essentials. How is a single set of quality bed sheet be that expensive???

10. Sweats

sweats set

I’m a girl of comfort and if I could live in lounge wear, I will. A set of sweats sounds prettyyyyyyy damn good.

11. Accessories

December wishlist


My new thing is accessorizing my OOTDs but I’m currently eye-ing the classic gold hoops and the 1994 necklace. They take your outfit a notch up.

12. Candle

December wishlist

This is a classic thing in Jam’s wishlist. Candles! I love lighting a candle when I’m about to sleep, journaling or just relaxing in general. They make the place feel so cozy.

13. Merch


Suck my ass

Clickbait 2

I have been consuming way too many youtube content which makes me want to cop their merch. Hahaha! But okay, hear me out, don’t these merch look comfy and cute? I want them!

14. Website Makeover

I have been wanting a website makeover for quite some time now. I just cannot find something that will fit my aesthetic and the custom-made ones have too hefty price tag. This would probably something that I will invest on in the coming months.

That would be all for my birthday / December wishlist for this year. These are just some material things that I wanted but of course, the priceless things in life is what matters most to me: wisdom, friendship, my family, and all that cheesy stuff. Hahaha!

How about you guys? What are your December wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

Jam Nesreen

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