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Crazy Rich Asians Movie | What I Think About It

Crazy Rich Asians movie is one of my most anticipated movies this year but funnily enough, I didn’t rush into the cinema the moment it was out for viewing. In fact, I watched it on the last day of its airing. Mostly because work was getting in the way and because i’m a bit afraid that it would disappoint me. I loved the book so much, you know.

So where do we start with this movie review? The dislikes? The likes? The plot? The characters? I still haven’t gotten the hang of doing this kind of reviews so bear with me. Also, I know i’m late to the game but whatever, i’m still going to spill my thoughts. Hah! Now on to the review…

First off, I love how the casting stayed true to the book’s characters. As an Asian myself, I felt somewhat empowered to be able to watch an international movie featuring an all-Asian cast. Representation is very important! It’s a new experience to watch Asian men depicted as handsome, smart and sexy and Asian women as beautiful, intelligent and strong. I am proud.

The cultural representation in this movie is accurate and relatable. It’s a two different experiences to be an Asian in Asia and to be an Asian in other parts of the world. Fitting in was hard and you can clearly see that in Rachel’s role in the movie. Something that really struck me as very relatable is the parenting style of most Asian families. You wouldn’t hear them explicitly say “I love you” to their children but the nonverbal communications says a lot. The sacrifices of Nick and also of Rachel’s mother shows how much they cared and loved their children. Another one is “pursuing/chasing your passion” stunt. Most Asians would have a hard time breaking through what their parents wants them to be versus what they really want to do in their life. I like that the movie decently showed the logic behind this.

There was also strong women empowerment in this movie. The confrontation between Rachel and Eleanor left me in tears while cheering her on. Yes! Yes! You go, girl! And Astrid? Dang! She’s one of my favorites in this movie and I want more of her on part two. Her lines are killer!

What disappointed me a bit was the depiction of them being “crazy rich”. I wanted to see more because there was more than what the movie showed. If you have read the book, you’d really agree that they were really, really crazy rich with their jet-setter lives. Although this was understandable since the production will cost a hefty amount of money if they will stick to what the book says.

Overall, I liked the movie and I would recommend it to those who haven’t watched it yet. I could still remember when I met Kevin Kwan, the author, and how he took photos of us just to show her mom a proof that there are real people reading his books. Oh Kevin, I bet your mom now believes that you are an author and a successful one at that. Kudos!

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