Design Your Life Planner by CNS Designs

One thing that I may not live without is a planner or a good journal notebook. I always have to list down the things I needed to do for the whole day or the ideas that come into my mind.

I know we’re almost halfway through January but it is still not too late to get yourself a planner to help you plan 2019. There are tons of planners with unique features and pretty aesthetic nowadays which makes it hard to choose because I just want to buy them all. Haha! Out of the many planner offerings, you’ll surely find something that fits your needs.

One of the planners that I bought for myself which I will mostly use for personal and blog planning is the Design Your Life Planner by CNS Designs.

The cover is so pretty and wait till you see the inside!

It greets you with a double sided pocket that has stickers in it which you can use to design your planner. It also has a quote by Paul Rand to motivate you in designing your life.

There are 9 major spreads and I like that the tabs used were all laminated.

  • Goals
  • Events
  • Lists
  • Last Time / Monthlies
  • Cash Flow
  • Key
  • Planner
  • Travel
  • Notes

My favorite thing about this planner is how colorful and fun every page is. The planner has different themes for each month and they are all so pretty! It also helps you track your expenses on the first page of every month.

If you want a planner that covers almost every aspect of your life, Design Your Life Planner is the way to go! The whole aesthetic is gorgeous, it will help you become efficient and the planner itself is sturdy and easy to use.

Jam Nesreen

6 thoughts on “Design Your Life Planner by CNS Designs

  1. I am totally on board with having a good planner. I love that the planner industry is so big now – there are so many different options out there. I like that the Design Your Life Planner has so many contents packed into one book. If this doesn’t get someone’s life together, I don’t know what will. Thanks for sharing this!!

    Nancy ♥

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