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The Life Update Nobody Asked For

difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

The introduction to a blog post is always the hard part. Isn’t starting with anything always the hard part? You do not know when or how to start and that’s exactly how I feel about everything in my life right now. I have all these ideas and plans which are perfectly curated in my mind but I do not know how to make it a reality.

Okay, okay… let’s put this life update into a more organized one.

Mental Health, Self-Care and the like

Recently, I have been struggling emotionally. My mind has this bad habit of overthinking every single thing: the past, the present, the future. And it drives me crazy. Most of the time, I’ll find myself having a hard time sleeping. There are also days when I need to pause from what I’m doing just because I feel like crying. It’s tough, you guys.

I’m coping with all these life bumps by taking a break now and then and reminding myself that this difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Also, I’ve been doing more of the things that make me feel more alive and one of which is blogging. This is exactly the main reason why I started this blog. I wanted to have my own little space where I can share everything I want.


What’s New?

A lot of new things have been brewing in my life. First, I made a new Instagram account as an extension of my blog. Go follow me! I have a little segment there where I share the things I learn throughout the week every Sunday and I hashtag them with #SomethingNewSunday. Second, I’m preparing for a certification exam which is aligned with my degree. Woop! Woop! Third, I’ve been constantly receiving packages from Althea Korea as I’ve become one of their Althea Angels. Fourth, I got my first Adsense earnings and sponsorship fee. Yay!

Another highlight for my blog is that I made it to Google’s first page when you search maybelline fit me powder foundation review. I am so happy to see my blog thriving. :”)

Current Favorites

For beauty related favorites, I have been loving the Careline Play to Slay palette and the Becca x Chrissy palette. For skincare, I have been consistently using the Althea Bare Essential Set and so far so good! I might do a blog post for my current skincare routine as I’ve been loving everything from it.

For entertainment, I am so into podcasts now and my current go-to’s are: The Real Reel, Gals On The Go, I Love You So Much and Views.

What’s Next?

I am looking forward to my future travels. I have two upcoming beach trips and if you know me, you’ll know that the beach is my favorite place in the world.

Another plan is to reach out to brands for a possible collaboration. If you have any tips for me, please drop them down in the comments below. I need all of those! Another plan I’m looking into is starting a freelance career on content writing. Fingers crossed that these will all materialize in the near future.



My 9-5 has been the major contributor for my shitty mood the past few weeks. The never-ending emails and crazy workload that I need to face everyday is becoming a burden. Add to that the feeling of not being recognized. The feeling of not being appreciated for the extra mile you are doing.

But lately, I have been reminded to stay patient and trust the process. Every bump is part of the journey which I should enjoy rather than stress too much.

Because difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations …

Jam Nesreen

3 thoughts on “The Life Update Nobody Asked For

  1. I can relate to you about emotional struggles. We need to take some time to reflect on the good to remember that there is a lot going on for us. It is great that you’ve been sharing some knowledge! Hope things will improve over time. Sometimes, we just need to power through some time for a bit before we see some changes :).

    Nancy ♥

  2. So good to hear you’re okay and trudging forward, Jam! And yay for all the good things that happened to you amidst all the awful. My 9-to-5 is also stressing me out but it’s a different kind of stress than normal. I’m thinking of not continuing after my 6-month probie.

    But anyways! Best of luck in reaching out to brands and in your possible freelance career! 😀

    1. Awww hello Kate! Hope all is well on your side too! 9-5 is really stressful but I hope you get the hang of it sooner rather than later. Thanks, Kate! 🙂

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