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Drugstore Makeup Haul (again)

Your girl is back with another drugstore makeup haul. Ever since the lost of my makeup kit, a few weeks back, I just couldn’t contain the urge of replacing it with more makeups. Knowing my impulsive self, I think I just overdid it. Lol.

For this batch of makeup haul, I bought mostly drugstore ones for I cannot, for the life of me (and my wallet) afford a high-end haul. Haha! These are just some of the makeups that I have been eyeing for a very long time now.

Drugstore Makeup Haul

  • Essence Lash Princess – This has always been raved about by a lot of beauty gurus and I couldn’t pass it anymore. For its price point, I think it’s worth a try.
  • Wet n’ Wild Cushion – I bought this because my stash of cushions have been running low. I use this when i’m too lazy to dab on foundation and still wanted to look presentable.
  • Maybelline Master Prime – I’m not so keen on buying primers. I’d take what’s available that’s not too hefty on the wallet. For this one, I bought it out of a beauty vlogger’s review. She said it’s one of the best primers to pair for the Maybelline’s Superstay Foundation which I also just bought. If you want to read my review on it, click here.
  • Essence Satin Blush – I’m on the lookout for good blushes to add to my stash. Decided to buy this because it’s one of the cult faves.
  • L’Oreal Color Rich Matte Lipstick – this has been on my to buy list for a long time now. I just have to wait for a sale to come around since this lipstick is a bit pricey for me than the other drugstore bullet lipsticks out there.
  • Ever Bilena Lipstick -if you are on a budget and is looking for some good lipstick, try this one!
  • Ever Bilena Lip Liner – the only lipliner I use is from this brand and I love it very much! I sometimes use it alone so when I lost mine, I really see to it that I buy myself another one.
  • Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Travel Set – Ellana released a travel set of their bestseller products so I snag it up right away. I got two shades of their mineral foundation, primer and concealer.
  • Nichido Loose Powder – this is my tested setting/loose powder of all time.
  • NYX Concealer Corrector – been wanting to try peach correctors because your girl has panda eyes.

drugstore concealers

I am so excited for this! The last part of this haul are the drugstore concealers that a lot of people are raving about! I’m planning on doing a post about the battle of drugstore concealers so watch out for that! 🙂

That’s it for my haul. Let me know if you find something that you are wanting to try from this haul. Let’s talk about beauty!

Jam Nesreen

12 thoughts on “Drugstore Makeup Haul (again)

  1. I love your photography dear! So neat and simple but is definitely attractive! 😍 I use Ever Bilena lippies and they’re one of the best out there, also the Nichido final powder is definitely one of my faves too!! xx

  2. I’ll be really interested to see how the NYX Concealer Corrector works because I really rate NYX overall but have never tried out any of their skin stuff, so if it’s good, I’ll definitely invest!

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