Althea Angel

I am now an Althea Angel!


I am so excited to let you all know that I am now part of the Althea Angel Beauty Ambassador Community. Isn’t that exciting?!

Althea Angel

A little backstory on how I got in:

Way back in the year 2016, I started getting addicted to Kbeauty and the 10-step skincare routine. It was also around this year when Althea Korea launched their website. They ship directly to the Philippines and it’s free when you reach a certain amount. I pretty much hang out on their site since then.

One day, I was adding items to my cart just for the sake of it. Hahaha! I found at the bottom part of their website about the beauty ambassador opportunity that they offer for b/vloggers. Even though I do not have high follower count but I took a leap of faith and applied anyway.

Weeks have passed and I haven’t received a single e-mail from them. So I said, “Nah. I probably won’t get in. I guess i’ll try again next time.” I let go of it and moved on. Until I have completely forgotten about my application.

Lo and behold, as I was checking my e-mails one night, I saw one from Althea Korea! It’s a Congratulatory message letting me know that my application was accepted and that I’m now an Althea Angel! Crazy!

Althea Angel

It’s true when they said, good things come to those who wait. ❤️

A few days back, I received a Welcome Gift from Althea Korea. Because, ehem, ya girl is an Althea Angel, ehem. Haha! The gift includes their Bare Essentials line, a mirror and a pouch.

Althea Angel

Althea Angel

Thank you, Althea Korea for giving the small content creators, like me, an opportunity like this. It truly is a dream come true and an exciting journey to take.

I cannot wait to put out Kbeauty reviews for you in the coming days! Also, if you want to shop for your Kbeauty goodies, check out Althea by clicking here. 🙂

Jam Nesreen

10 thoughts on “I am now an Althea Angel!

  1. Congrats on being an Angel! I didn’t know anything about them so it was interesting to read your post and thanks for including the link as I had a few good clicks around! Their products look good and when I’m finished writing my comment here, I’m going to continue shopping on their site!

    Trace x

  2. Congratulations on becoming an Althea Angel! PRetty cool that you’re part of the ambassador community. Big plus that you get to try out a bunch of different products now. Your first goodie bag looks amazing! Hope you’ll enjoy trying out their goods!

    Nancy ♥

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