If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha

if i had your face by frances cha book review

If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha follows the lives of 5 women living in the same building in Seoul as they navigate a world that’s obsessed with beauty, power, and fame.

  • Kyuri – working as a shot girl in a bar
  • Miho – artist who has a rich, white boyfriend
  • Wonna – pregnant woman who is also a corporate slave
  • Ara – obsessed with kpop idols
  • Sujin – wanted to be a room salon girl

This is my first multi-pov and I loved it. There are times when I get confused and my short-term memory easily forgets which pov I’m currently reading. Lol. Overall, it’s a great read. I felt as if I’m watching a sitcom.

This book touched on different societal topics such as male validation, misogyny, physical surgeries, capitalism, and power social relationships as we see through women’s lives. Every character is a representation of different parts of Korea’s society.

I love the pacing and the characterization of this book. Although it tackles quite a ton of heavy subjects, it still has a story line and it isn’t as boring as other books that are trying to convey the same message.

The downside was, it kinda felt very surface level-y, like a bird’s eye view on these societal issues that the author touched upon. I wanted to dig even deeper into it and know more of the girls’ stories. The book also ended so abruptly.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a book about women, about male validation but still centers on women’s friendship, pick this up. I had a good reading experience with it and I hope you will too! 💜

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