Karada | I went to a chiropractor!

One of my favorite relaxation would have to be going to a spa for a massage. When a friend asked me if I wanted to try Karada, I instantly said yes. I’ve always wanted to go to a chiropractor after watching those viral videos of necks and hips being cracked and aligned. The crackling sounds of the bones are surprisingly satisfying to me.

“Karada” is a Japanese term for “body”.

We went to the Karada branch in Venice Grand Canal Mall which is just walking distance from my workplace. Upon entering the vicinity, we were greeted by the staff and was tasked to fill up a profile sheet in which you’ll be asked about your main body pain concerns.

A warm water was given to us for the blood circulation and were asked to change clothes before being led to the designated massage chair to start the treatment.

We did the AP Balance Treatment which basically is for the Atlas and Pelvis. The difference between the normal massage and the Japanese Karada is that it isn’t just for relaxation but mostly for healing. Our therapist first did the treatment which consist of the twists and massage of the head and the neck. It was so satisfying to hear the cracks from my neck which according to the therapist is the tensions or the gas which was being released. I instantly felt so light after those cracks!

After the neck, the middle part of my body was next. They did the twists and massaged mainly on the pain points. I lay down on the mechanical bed to align my spine and hips  the bed has a feature that elevates and drops certain areas to help in the process. The alignment was painless!

The last part was the stretching of the legs and feet. It was painful!!! This reminded me to start doing yoga and stretch the heck out of my body. Lol.

Overall, the experience was one for the books! I would definitely recommend it for everyone to try. I slept a good 20 mins during the massage and mind you, it was a deep sleep! So relaxing! I’d love to go back sometime!

Have you also tried going to a chiropractor? How was it? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Jam Nesreen

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  1. I haven’t been to a chiropractor before but heard great things about them! I like that you were given a nice treatment, especially with the warm water! I need one of those. Glad you enjoyed your session!

    Nancy ♥

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