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Life Lately: December Recap

What a nice end to a decade.

December 2019 was a jam-packed month. Year-end parties here and there, catching ups, trainings, and just overall doing fun and festive things.

I love December.

I’m here to recap the last month of 2019 because I wanted to have a place wherein I can look back on the fun things that happened.


My department had several trainings for December which includes body language, face reading and dealing with changes. I personally enjoyed the body language training and learned a lot from it. I love it when trainers put interactive activities into their materials.

On the other hand, I was also given the opportunity to train another legal entity and it was such a funny experience to gate crash their year-end party to discuss some work-related things. Hahahaha!



Year-end Parties

My team had a kiddie party and everyone brought their kids. It was so much fun and full of laughter. I love it when we get a chance to bond as this is such a diverse team and it’s an awesome experience to have the chance to work with them.

I loved that I got something from my wish list from my santa, Hoodie for life!!!




I was also invited by my previous team to join their Pajama-themed year-end party and I was so excited to come! I love this crazies so much. I appreciate how they still think of me in every event that they have. It was also the first in a long time that I got to bring home tons of gifts.

We celebrated Alvin’s birthday too during this party and most importantly, we got to witness and be a part of a very very sweet surprise! A proposal! I may or may not have teared up during the proposal. So happy for this couple!!!



My department also had a year-end party which was steam punk-themed in which I did not dress up for. Hahaha! I just came in with an all black outfit and that’s good to go. I know, I suck. Hahahaha! But anyways, this was also a fun time because I won 1k GC. Yay! My team, Leadership, also won as the grand champion for the year. Been in the winning team for two straight years now!



Last and definitely not the least is the whole company’s year-end party. I actually did not enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed the other parties but it was a great experience as it was my first time to perform (again) in front of a crowd. I joined the speech choir competition and we won…. last place 🙁 lmao hahahaha but still! Great learning experience!






My Birthday

Celebrated my 25th birthday on December 16 and it was a day with friends. I feel so loved. We ate and laughed. I am proud of myself for keeping my circle small and tight.




Other fun things

It was about this time also when I got my first roll of film and have them scanned. I got a couple of good shots and lots of trash shots lmao. I learned my lessons! Always turn the flash on no matter what! Also, I bought my own film camera and I’m so excited to play with it!






Met with my fave girl, Denise and did some catching up over coffee. It’s always a good time with this gal!


Another catching up with a dear friend, Anna. We watched a movie and cried buckets. Thank God for waterproof mascaras!


Here’s one random night when we strolled around BGC and just laughed way too hard. It was nice to have new addition to Erice and I’s crazy duo shenanigans. We love having Vienne around! <3


Grateful for having the chance to close this chapter of my life on a good note.

Happy New Year, you guys!

Jam Nesreen





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