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Life Lately: January – March 2020

how's life.

Life has been good. The start of 2020 was extremely challenging, shocking, heartbreaking and felt so dragging. There was the bush fire in Australia, Kobe’s passing, flood in Indonesia and the Corona virus to name a few. I was looking back on my life happenings during this first quarter and I can say I felt the most productive I have been in all of the quarters of my 25 years of existence so yay to me!

Anyways, here are some updates in my life:

  • I was interviewed for a possible short term assignment in Germany but I was not selected which is the biggest bummer of my year, I would say.
  • I was offered a position in another department which I politely declined as it was only a lateral post. Your girl needs a raise. Needs a promotion.
  • I have been toying with the idea of resigning and finding a new company to work at. So if you have some recommendations, hit me up!
  • I finally enrolled in a freelancing course in hopes of starting a side hustle that actually pays well. I’m planning on being a social media manager so if you want one or know someone who might be looking for one, please recommend me.
  • I have been on my A-game when it comes to our podcast. I do all the graphics, reaching out to guests, post-production and all that shit. Please listen to our podcast – Dig Deeper Podcast so my sweat and tears won’t go to waste. Ty!!
  • I am finally moving out of my apartment. I figured out it is best to go back home and save the monthly rent. I’m serious on cutting back expenses y’all!
  • Parallel to cutting back expenses, I am also cutting out friends in my life who doesn’t add value to my life anymore. Out!
  • I have been addicted to stalking Vanessa Bryant on Instagram. Kobe’s passing really did hit me and I don’t even know why. It’s heartbreaking. It really is.
  • Been bumping on a person from my past which I am not sure what to feel about it.
  • I haven’t fell off the planner and monthly budgeting yet. Thank God!!!
  • I have learned that I am easily entertained by trash reality tv shows.

Things Took A Turn

Wow! things took a turn in just a couple of days. I have originally drafted this post last week and now we are all quarantined in our house due to the Covid-19 scare. Regions are locking down, businesses are shutting down for the unforeseeable time, employees are on a work from home status and everything feel so weird and scary as no one literally knows what’s about to happen or when this will all end.

These are the times that we are reminded that we are all interconnected. I am praying for the whole world. We will overcome this.

You guys please stay safe and do all the precautionary measures that we were instructed to do. If the news feels a bit overwhelming to you, disconnect for a little while. You are important, your mental health is important.

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Favorite Resource – Natalie Barbu’s Budgeting Template

things ive been learning

  • I think one of the major learning I have for this year is to have a safe space for your own. Give yourself some alone time to just think things through and reflect on everything that’s been happening to your life. Safe space could be a room or a day off from work. It is very important to regularly take a break and spend time with yourself. I guarantee you, you will come back more refreshed than ever.
  • The little things that we do everyday doesn’t seem much but if you zoom out, you could see how big the impact of these little magic are to your life. Come to think of it, at the moment, you wouldn’t even recognize all the small habits you are doing in your day to day life but a year from now, when you look back, you will realize how far you have come.
  • Time and time again, life really proves how unfair it is.

Jam Nesreen

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