Life Lessons I Learned Lately

Are you also fond of looking through life lessons quotes? They are inspirational and have a way of instantly uplifting our mood. In today’s post, I will share the life lessons I’ve learned recently which inspired me and change the way on how I think about things and how I feel about myself.

  • Do not stress about the things you cannot control

In my job, we have this monthly touchpoint is with our team leads wherein you can talk about everything under the sun but more importantly, about your state of being at work.

During my last touchpoint, what my then team lead told me that struck me the most was the phrase, “Do not stress about the things you cannot control”. Before getting pissed or stressed about something, ask yourself first, can I control this situation? No? Then why stress about it? Stuck in traffic? Can you do something about solving the traffic? No? Then why stress about it?

This has been my mantra lately. For an over-thinker like me who stresses about even the smallest things, this simple phrase has helped me in shifting my perspective to a more positive one.

Stuck in traffic? and you know that you cannot do anything to stop the traffic? Make use of that time to be productive instead of complaining about it.

  • Take it day by day

You do not have to figure it all at once. You do not have to solve all your problems the moment they arise and you do not have to try to eat the whole elephant at once.

Take this, for example, you have three big projects that you need to work on and you look at this as that one giant task and wonder how the heck you can finish all of these on time. Calm down. Beak this down into chunks and focus on one task at a time. Look at these tasks separately and it will suddenly become more manageable.

  • It is just work, nothing personal

One of my important learning lately is about work. Every time I receive an email that has an unpleasant tone, I panic and get nervous. I would think that the person at the end of the line is mad at me. This is not the case because everything at work should be just that: work. You do not have to think that an escalation email is an attack on who you are. Things will not always be smooth and that’s okay. You just have to relax, admit your mistakes, and do better the next time.

  • Your tribe is out there

When I started blogging, I didn’t think that there will be people out there who will share the same interests as me. I AM COMPLETELY WRONG! There are billions of people in the world and for sure, no matter how bizarre or out of this world your niche is, you will always, always find a group of people in your exact wavelength. Do not be afraid to get yourself out there because you might just find the right people that will fit in your tribe and you will be amazed how big that group is.

What are the life lessons you’ve recently learned? Share some of the comments below! I would love to know 🙂

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  1. Definitely some things to remember in this post! My big lesson lately is that I don’t owe anything to toxic people. I’ve had a little bit of a clear out of my relationships lately, because I’ve finally realised that if I surround myself with a few good people it’s much better than a lot of bad ones.

    Megan //

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