My favorite underrated lifestyle vloggers

Do you guys have underrated lifestyle vloggers that you love watching?

I am a huge consumer of YouTube videos and the usual video category that I usually watch is lifestyle. I love watching a day in the life or a week in the life videos because I get a glimpse of how these people at the same age range as me spend their days. It’s like having your own best friend but virtually!

Another great thing that I should note on why I watch these girls is because I’ve been dying to live on their side of the world and their channels serve as a guide to me. I now know how much the cost of living in each coast costs, how the usual days in their places looks like, the best restaurants to go to, best places to stay and etc.

They also make me understand how Youtube works, how I can make a living digitally and the different streams of income that this world wide web can offer.

Here, I listed down my favorites. They are worth checking out, I promise!

Underrated lifestyle vloggers

Underrated lifestyle vloggers

Underrated lifestyle vloggers

Underrated lifestyle vloggers



Underrated lifestyle vloggersUnderrated lifestyle vloggers

Underrated lifestyle vloggers

And….. that would be all!

These are just some of the underrated lifestyle vloggers, in my opinion, that needs more attention because they put out such great and quality content!

If you happen to watch any of them, please let me know what you think of them or you can comment down below other content creators in the same niche as them. I would be happy to check it out!

Jam Nesreen

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