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Netflix Series I’ve Been Enjoying

I thought I might just go on here and share some of the Netflix series I’ve been enjoying so far. I am not a big movie or series watcher so when I try to watch one, I’m easily hooked. I’m easy to please like that. 🙂

1. Cheer

Netflix Series

I LOOOOOOOOVED this documentary! The first few episodes were a bit slow but I promise you that it gets better. It is a documentary about the Navarro Cheer Squad and their journey on competing at the Daytona. Cheer gave the viewers a glimpse on the cheer member’s life. I definitely have a much higher respect to cheerleaders after watching this. Their discipline and resilience and flexibility is top notch.

2. The Circle


Okay, I do not know what to feel about this show but I was hooked. LMAO. Basically, it is a popularity contest (kind of) inside the circle. I do not know how to explain the show but I’ll try…. It is somewhat similar to Big Brother but each contestants cannot see each other and will only be communicating through The Circle or through social media. Each player will rank other players from 1-7. 1 being the top spot and 7 the lowest. The two top players will have the INFLUENCER title and they have the power to block any of the contestants. Once you are blocked, you are out of the circle aka you are evicted.

The show is very intriguing because each contestant has the decision to portray their true self or be a catfish. This show taught me that you really cannot trust anyone on social media.

3. Love is Blind


THIS SHOW IS NUTS! It’s like The Circle and The Bachelor combined. This reality TV show is a social experiment if love really is blind. Each person will have dates inside the pods wherein they cannot see each other. They can only communicate through this and they only have a certain number of weeks to propose and get married. I meannnnn…… wtf is that?! With a very little amount of time, they have to propose, meet the parents, live together and prepare for their big day which is their wedding. It’s ridiculous to think about but it’s actually addicting to watch. Haha!

From the list above, you can tell that I love watching trash reality TV shows and I cannot lie. Hahaha! If you fancy reading another Netflix show review, click here. What are your favorite Netflix series? Let me know!

Jam Nesreen

6 thoughts on “Netflix Series I’ve Been Enjoying

  1. I loved love is blind, so dramatic though! Also we can’t get the circle on Netflix in the UK but there’s been 2 seasons in the UK anyway that aired on TV and I think it’s great! I was also wanting to watch cheer but I haven’t got round to it!
    -Kyra xx

  2. I watched the circle and loved it! My friend from the UK has been wanting me to watch the circle for the past year, and then I see that Netflix came out with their own original American Version! I’m definitely going to look into the UK version of the show! I’m currently watching Love is Blind, and I’m about 3 episodes in. I’m definitely rooting for some couples to stay together! It’s such an interesting concept, I really love it. The one show I haven’t watched is Cheer, but I’ll definitely be adding it to my list. Thanks for the recommendation! xx

    Melina |

      1. omg, they’re my favorite too! I’m about 4-5 episodes, in and haven’t gotten the chance to continue watching it. I hope they end up staying together 🙂 x

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