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New Skincare Products I Recently Tried

Back again with another round of skincare reviews. A friend gave me some new Korean skincare to try and I’m excited to share it with you guys!


She gave me three products to try which are:

  • In A Million Glacier G81 cream
  • Revitalizing Hydrogen Essence Mask
  • COde 8 Pure Vitamin C20 Ampoule

In A Million Glacier G81 cream


This cream or moisturizer is perfect for the oily skin gals out there! It’s not heavy on the skin but does the job of moisturizing your skin. You’ll get that cold sensing feeling after application that immediately relaxes your skin. I love using this as my night time moisturizer.

COde 8 Pure Vitamin C20 Ampoule


This was my favorite out of the three products. It’s a Vitamin C ampoule with 20% concentration. It takes a while before it fully sinks in to the skin but once it’s set, you can really feel how revitalizing and hydrating this ampoule is. I like putting this on during the morning as I observed that my makeup sits well on top of this serum. I can feel the smoothness of my skin after using this. I also love how this is packaged. As you can see in the picture, it’s like a dropper which is very cool! It’s hygienic and very easy to use and store.

Revitalizing Hydrogen Essence Mask


The mask is a two-step mask. You manually put in the essence to the mask which is good as you can control how much you wanted it to be drenched in essence but can also be messy and take more time than the normal masks. This mask is targeted to brighten and whiten the dark skin which I cannot judge in one go so I might need to try this mask regularly to see the results. Another benefit of this mask is that it is moisturizing. I love that it is quickly absorbed by the skin and locks in the moisturize without the stickiness.

Overall, these are all great products. but I hope they can put the English translation on their packaging,

Jam Nesreen

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