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OTWOO Liquid Blush Review

Have you guys heard about the Brand OTWOO? If not, keep on reading… OTWOO liquid blush review on the way 😉

I have always been on a hunt for the perfect liquid blush. I especially love using them during the summer time because I just feel like they’ll stick and would really last after a lot of sweat. Hahaha!

OTWOO liquid blush

One of my goals for this year is to save up money which… spoiler alert: 4 months down and STILL HAVEN’T SAVED ANY. Okay, okay… going back. So, I found the OTWOO liquid blush on shopee and thought of giving it a try because why not? It’s Php150 pesos and people of the internet legit says it’s a dupe for the Nars Orgasm liquid blusher. Also, another spoiler alert: I won’t have any answer for you if it is a dupe because your girl is broke af and hasn’t tried the Nars Orgasm blusher.

The brand seems sketchy to me as it probably is from China (Yea, I think it is. I looked it up and their factory address is in Guangzhou). I’d take one for the team and will try it out first for you guys. Hahaha!

OTWOO liquid blush

OTWOO Liquid Blush Review

First off, the product has the worst pump of all time. It dispenses a lot of product and it’s messy (Hi OTWOO, if you’re reading this, please do something about your packaging. Thanks).

Now on to the actual product, the formula is good. It has a thick consistency. It’s the most pigmented liquid blush that i’ve ever tried in my entire life. You literally only need a pea-sized amount to cover your two cheeks. That’s a steal! You’re paying Php150 for 15g/0.5oz. You’ll probably need two decade to finish the entire bottle. Lol.

OTWOO liquid blush

OTWOO liquid blushTop to bottom: 03, 04

As for the longevity of the product, it stays a good amount of time. I’d say it’ll last you for about 8-10 hours. Of course, still depending on your base.

I have two shades, the 03 & 04. I have no idea what shade is the dupe for Orgasm but their website says it’s 01. So I probably bought the wrong one. Hahahahaha!

OTWOO liquid blush

Overall, i’d say it’s a product worth trying if you are into liquid blushes. As for me, I do not reach for it often because I cannot be bothered with it’s messy pump. I’m actually thinking of transferring it on an air pump so I could use it more. Another thing is that I didn’t break out after using it so I think it’s worth noting. Rating this product a solid 3 over 5 stars.

Let me know your favorite liquid blushes so I can also try them out! 🙂

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  1. I usually always break out from liquid products so I don’t like ’em as much. Awesome that you didn’t from this one! Love the shades you chose. ♡

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