Podcast for Becoming Your Best Self

Are you in search of podcast for becoming your best self? Are you new to the podcast world and do not know what to listen to? And are you into the quest of becoming the best version of yourself? Worry not! I got you covered!

For this blog post, I will be sharing 6 podcasts that I love to listen to when I need a little push to get me through my daily tasks and to inspire me to become the version of myself that I aspire to be.

Podcast For Becoming Your Best Self:

  • Kalyn’s Coffee Talk

podcast for becoming your best self

If you have read my very first blog post, I shared about Kalyn’s Coffee talk podcast in there and up until now, her podcast is still my go to. I love that all her topics are relatable. She talks about everything that’s related to self-development and just life in general. Some of her topics are: Dealing with Overwhelm, One Thing at a Time, Taking Care of Our Bodies. When you listen to one episode, you’ll find yourself craving for more.

  •  I Love You So Much With Kenzie Elizabeth

podcast for becoming your best self

This podcast is hosted by Kenzie, a lifestyle vlogger. Her podcast is a mix of solo episodes wherein she talks about branding, productivity and mental health. She also interviews influencers, artists, authors, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to share their insights and expertise on certain topics.

  • Self-care Sunday

podcast for becoming your best self

Self-care Sunday is hosted by Kayley Reed, a self-care advocate and a digital influencer. She talks about mental health, social media, personal struggles and everything self-care. If you need company on your self-care Sundays, head on to Kayley’s podcast and listen.

  • Taking Back Your Power

podcast for becoming your best self

Taking Back Your Power is the podcast hosted by Isabel Palacios. This is one of my recent favorites as I am into law of attraction. Isabel will educate you on everything law of attraction related topics. May it be about manifestation, how to script and of course, how to keep a positive mindset. Isabel is also a Youtube vlogger.

  • Earn Your Happy

podcast for becoming your best self

Lori Harder hosts the Earn Your Happy podcast. She is an entrepreneur and a marketing professional. In her podcast, Lori motivates you to take action in your life and earn your happy. She also brings in some guests to give you more insights and tips on how to get out of a funk and live your best life.

  • Lavendaire

podcast for becoming your best self

Another one of my favorites and my go-to podcast is Aileen Xu’s Lavendaire. I really love Aileen’s laid-back vibe. I instantly feel calmed when I’m listening to her. Her podcast is about personal growth and lifestyle design. She has guests on every episode to help turn your dream life into reality. You’ll truly be inspired to live a fulfilling life after listening to Aileen’s podcasts. My favorite episode would be the one she did with Rowena Tsai! 🙂

Listening to these podcasts feels like having a sister/friend who is constantly guiding you in life by giving out pieces of advice. It’s so uplifting!

Do you also listen to podcasts? I always scout for podcast suggestions! Drop them down below on the comment section! 🙂

Jam Nesreen

7 thoughts on “Podcast for Becoming Your Best Self

  1. I love Aileen’s podcast! I don’t listen to every episode but there were definitely some that I love to listen to again and again. Haven’t heard of all the others listed here but I’m curious about Self-care Sunday. Another self-improvement podcast that I absolutely love is Straight and Curly, although they’re on an indefinite hiatus right now, there are 100+ episodes of practical and inspiring self-improvement tips 🙂

  2. Some excellent suggestions for podcasts here! I really need to get downloading some more for all my walking and car trips 😀
    Thank you so much for sharing 😀

  3. I love the Wayward Podcast, listening to it has really helped me think about the way I think.
    I might give coffee talk a go; I struggle with informative podcasts because I struggle to process information aurally but informal chatty podcasts are fun adn sometimes something sinks in and I go oh that makes sense!

  4. I have never listened to a podcast before but they seem to be quite interesting and I will be checking some out, especially the ones you have recommended! Lovely post! Xx

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