Podcasts To Listen To (Philippines)

Are you looking for podcasts to listen to? I got you!

I compiled my top 5 favorite local podcasts that I enjoy listening to. These are all local podcasts and hosted by Filipinos. Supporting local! I am sure you will all love these podcasts too.

Podcasts to listen to (Philippines):

1. Adulting with Joyce Pring – listen to Joyce’s musings as she shares about her experiences in life and the lessons she learned from it. She usually brings in guests that she interviews regarding certain topics and of course, as the title suggests, most of the topics revolve around “adulting”.

2. Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast – hosted by Direk Antonette Jadaone and Juan Miguel Severo. They usually talk about things that the usual magka-barkada talks about. Reminiscing childhood? Mga pamahiin? They got it all for you! Tipong kwentuhan habang nakatambay sa labas ng bahay style. If you want a chill podcast that will get you laughing, this one’s for you.

Podcasts To Listen To (Philippines)

3. Wake Up With Jim and Saab – super aliw kwento from a married couple. They have their malibag segments wherein they give honest, no sugar-coating advice to their listeners.

Podcasts To Listen To (Philippines)

4. Behind Relationship Goals – hosted by Megan Young and Mikael Daez. They talk about marriage stuff and everything in between! Their episodes usually last for 30-45 mins but it doesn’t feel like it at all! It feels like talking to an ate and kuya and getting so many insights and learnings in return.

Podcasts To Listen To (Philippines)

5. Dig Deeper Podcast – of course! I won’t forget to add in the list my very own podcast! We mostly talk about wellness and life experiences. We share our learnings and insights on life topics. 🙂

What are your favorite podcasts? If you are Filipino, what is your list of podcasts to listen to that’s Philippines based? Share them with me in the comments below! Also, if you are looking for more podcast recommendations, I wrote a post about it and you can check it out here.

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