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Project Pan | 1st Quarter Update

Your girl is here bringing you an update on her panning project. On the start of this year, I decided to do a project pan wherein I will try to use up certain make-up products that’s on my stash.

I intended to give monthly updates but I didn’t know panning a product would be so hard and would take time. A lot of it! I regularly wear make-up which made me think that i’ll go through these products easily. So let’s scratch off the monthly updates for now as I’m obviously a noob on this panning project. Haha! Instead, I will do quarterly check-ins/updates.

Pan project

I originally have 6 products in this project but I think I have to let go of the The Saem Concealer as i’m afraid it’s already expired. I’m going to throw it away and maybe exchange it for a new concealer. I’m thinking of using up my Clio Kill Cover one but haven’t really decided on it so stay tuned for the next project pan update.

Pan project

This Wet N’ Wild Photofocus powder is not the original one that I intend to finish. I found this right after my first project pan post and thought of using it all the way since it’s about to be done. I don’t even know why I have two of this. Hoarder problems? Haha!

Pan project

The Colourpop blush and highlighter duo is about to hit pan. I think two to three months from now i’ll be able to see a glimpse of the pan. Let’s see!

Pan project

Pan project

Over the course of three months, I realized that I picked mostly the same products which I think is also one of the factors why I still haven’t hit pan to any of the palettes. So for the time being, I think i’ll just focus on the Becca palette more. I’ll still use the Colourpop and the Elf palette though.

Pan project

This Pixi lip palette is what I truly enjoyed. There’s a lot of choices and the pans are bigger than the usual lip palettes in the market so it’s a bit hard to hit pan too. I have quite a few favorites from this. My main problem for this is that it isn’t travel friendly. I’ll try to depot this so I can bring it everywhere which will make it easier to use up.

Have you been doing the project pan too? Share them with me in the comments below! Would love to know what products you’re trying to use up for this year.

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  1. I feel like I would totally suck in a pan project! I’ve been doing what one blogger told me, which is to rotate my palettes and products about monthly so i get to use up my products more, not just my newest and latest. Great post and good luck!

    Melina |

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