Happy New Year!!! As part of my yearly traditions, I will answer some reflection guide questions. This is my way of looking back and evaluating what I did the past year. I will also set my intention for the year 2022.

3 Things I’m thankful for this year

  • I’m thankful for finding my way into being a BTS Army because I learned a lot from them and they definitely became one of my anchors.
  • I’m thankful that my family is all in good health and we’re getting by despite a very hard year.
  • Thankful that I still managed to pay the bills though the budget is tight. I still have enjoyed simple things.

3 Things I’m proud of this year

  • I’m proud of getting to know myself better this year. I’ve been going on a lot of dates with myself, just reflecting and enjoying my own company.
  • I’m proud of all the creative projects that I started this year.
  • I’m proud of finally getting back into reading. I read 38 books for 2021.

3 Things I overcame this year

  • Another year of uncertainty. That’s full of anxiety.
  • I overcame the hardships in my work, and still overcoming it but it’s a lot more easier this time around.
  • I overcame negative voices that are both coming from me and other people.

3 Lessons I learned about myself this year

  • I love being alone and taking walks. #namjooning
  • Learned that I don’t have FOMO because im too critical on the things and people that I choose to spend my time with.
  • I also learned to choose my favorite self in these years instead of always being the “best” me because it gets exhausting a lot of times.

3 Lessons I learned about others this year

  • I learned that people who really treasure you will make time for you no matter what. It doesn’t mean physically but they’ll show you that you are loved and that they cherish you.
  • I learned that everyone of us is just hanging on a thread this year and it felt like we were all walking on eggshells because of the effects of pandemic so we all have to be considerate and kind these days.
  • I learned that friendships have seasonality and that’s okay.

3 Lessons I learned about life this year

  • Life is short.
  • When we grow up and we achieved the things that our 8-year old self wanted, it sometimes feels like our life is empty and you will go through a phase in your life where you don’t know what next goal to achieve. This transition phase might be hard but you have to enjoy the season of stillness.
  • Health is wealth.

What feelings did I feel? Were there any recurring patterns?

What are some positive and negative feelings that come to mind? How did the people around me make me feel? How did I make myself feel?

I really made myself feel good this year. This was a year of being alone and getting better. But this was also the year when I felt alone, I felt like I have no friends well except for Denise and my other best friends who constantly check up on me. And I’m okay with that because this year has been hard for everyone.

Did I allow myself to lean into these feelings? Why or why not?

I’m trying not to lean into the negative feelings that I felt this year but I’m still working on that. I’m the kind of person to take it all in before speaking it out.

Which of these feelings would I like to let go of, and which would I like to take with you into the new year?

I want to let go of my expectations from other people. I just want to take what they can give and let it be. No expectations so no disappointments.

Setting the intention:

After answering the reflection guide questions, I set my intention for the year by picking the words that I want to embody all year. This will serve as my guide or my north star.

  • fun
  • organized
  • disciplined

If you want to answer these reflection guide questions too, head on over to my podcast. I did an episode there about these and links are all there! 🙂

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