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Skinfoundry West Coast Tinted Sunscreen | Review

The Skinfoundry West Coast Tinted Sunscreen is probably one of the best tinted sunscreens I’ve tried (because I’ve only tried two. Hahaha) Kidding aside, I have been consistently reaching for this product for the past few weeks.


Skinfoundry is a local brand based in the Philippines and they claim to use natural ingredients for their products. Their west coast tinted sunscreen claims to be hydrating with sun protection, lightweight and has sheer finish, formulated for all skin types and has universally flattering shade.

As for the formula, it stays true to its claim that it is lightweight and has a sheer finish. It does not feel like you are wearing anything on your face. It also does not have that usual sunscreen-y scent that most sunscreens have. It’s not tacky and would leave your face with a sheer satin finish. The formula is so easy to work with. I use my fingers to blend the product and in just 1min, poof! You’re done.


The Skinfoundry tinted sunscreen has only one shade and because of its sheer finish, the shade does not matter. I usually use this product when I’m too lazy to put on 5 layers of makeup but still want something to slap on my face. Those days when you can’t even be bothered to put on a no-makeup makeup look but still want something to apply to your face? That’s when I reach for this. If you’re reading until this point, do I even make sense? Hahahahaha! I hope you get the gist.

skinfoundry tinted screen

Anyway, moving on to the packaging, I like how straight to the point their packaging is. It’s minimalist and lightweight. They also put the ingredients at the back which is rare for small local brands. I find it useful when brands put their ingredients on the actual product. Everyone needs to know what they are putting on their skin so that’s a yes for me.

skinfoundry tinted screen

skinfoundry tinted screen

I still use a normal sunscreen underneath this because A girl in a humid country needs all the sun protection she can get, okay?! Although, you can use this alone and it would be totally fine.

The product has 25ml and an SPF50 which is a good amount that can last you for about a month or two. I would recommend you to try this one out. Support local? Yes! 🙂

Oh, another thing! I got mine at Instagram. You can follow them here.

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