Things To Do When Stressed

some of the things to do when stressed

Living in a fast-paced city with a day job and dealing with everyday traffic not to mention the deadlines at work that you have to beat can get really stressful. It can be so draining that after a few hours of sleep at night, you’ll still find yourself waking up tired and grumpy.

Lately, I have been feeling stressed and it gets to a higher level each day. Thankfully, I kind of get the hang of it and turn my stress into something that would give me positive vibes.

In this post, I will share the things that I do to help me go about my stressful days. Check them out and let me know what’s on your lists too!

Things to Do When Stressed:

1. Write on a journal

My mind can get so clouded because I tend to think of a lot of things and it can get tiring. To help me organize my thoughts and release them, I write them down on my journal. It is an important part of my self-care and really helps in unloading the weight off my shoulders. You’ll be surprised by how relieving it could feel. Check this blog post for some journal prompts that might help you get started on journaling.

2. Spend time with my loved ones

Spending time with the people I love or people who are just naturally fun to be with lessens the stress I’m feeling. It is a breather for my chaotic mind.

3. Treat myself to something I love and enjoy

If I have been going through a stressful day and survived it, I treat myself to my favorite dessert or a massage.

4. Breathe

When I sense that things are getting out of hand, I step back, pause, and go for a walk. Walking is therapeutic to me. That 10 mins of the walk make all the difference.

Stressful days won’t last and you do not have to burden yourself with it by drowning deeper to the stress that surrounds you. I also list down some things that you can do to relieve stress.

  • Do stuff that feels good – You may enjoy reading a book or doing creative activities like painting or just having a social media detox.
  • Eat foods that reduce stress – Chocolates and fruits are some of the foods that help in relieving stress.
  • Exercise and Yoga – Take even a few minutes of your day to dedicate to exercise. This will surely enhance your mood.
  • Prepare for the morning the night before – choose the outfit you will be wearing, prepare the ingredients for the breakfast that you’ll cook, or simply listing down your to-do list for the next morning helps a lot.
  • Listen to your favorite tunes
  • Call a friend
  • Watch your favorite film
  • Burn some candles or essential oils
  • Squeeze a stress ball
  • Reflect and pray
  • Listen to a podcast

Remember that stress is non-essential and it is not adding value to our lives. However, it is a natural occurrence. You just have to know how to dim it down.

Manage yourself, take a break, and set aside your worries.

I wish you stress-free days ahead! 🙂

How about you? What are your things to do when stressed? Share them with me in the comments below.

Jam Nesreen

21 thoughts on “Things To Do When Stressed

  1. I doodle a lot when I’m feeling stressed or anxious and find it’s a great way to take my mind off things. Great post and tips.

  2. I love this post ! I myself try to stay as positive as possible but sometimes stress can be hard to shake. I love the tips you left . I myself use some of the same methods and they do work. Treating yourself and writing in a journal are really therapeutic for me as well.

  3. Writing thoughts down in a journal is a super idea! It doesn’t even have to be sentences that makes sense because it’s just what’s in your head, it’s a really great way to just clear your head.

  4. I didn’t realise how much journaling could help me. I started it back in May this year and it really calms me. Taking a step back as well sometimes to just breathe is also good ♥

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