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To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

To All The Boys 2 is finally here! I watched it the day after it was released in Netflix and I kid you not.. I needed to pause the film every 5 minutes to soak it all in and scream.

Now how do I review this? Here’s a quick run down on my scatterbrain thoughts:
  • The film stayed true to the book, thanks to Jenny Han for being so hands on.
  • John Ambrose!!!
  • The young John McAmbrose from To All The Boys I Loved Before 1 looks so different from the present John Ambrose. Why is that? Nevertheless, I love Jordan Fisher.
  • Peter Kavinsky is still Peter Kavinsky. Dreamy!
  • I liked that the film started where they left off from the first installment.
  • I live for the diverse casting of this film. I wish we get a lot of this kind of films.
  • Cinematography is still bomb for me.
Now on to the serious notes. Even though I enjoyed this film so much. I have quite a few thoughts regarding Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship.

First off, dang! They are still in high school and too young for this shit. But oh well… maybe this explains their attitude towards their relationship.

Lara Jean clearly lacked individual responsibility and clings wherever Peter is. I wouldn’t say she is a masochist but hanging around a spot where your boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend is at, is a NO-NO for me. Dang, girl! Are you not affected? hurt?

Peter Kavinsky goes away with whatever shit he puts in Lara Jean because of his looks and he knows how much Lara Jean loves him. I hate guys like this. Man up, end whatever communication you have with your past relationship and do not look back, let alone comfort an ex with an intimate hug.

Gen is the type of bitchy friend you have in high school that clearly cannot move on from her ex so she’ll do whatever crazy shit she can to stir up drama.

All in all, Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky’s relationship is toxic af. Covey should know her worth and move on when it’s necessary.

But I get it. This film is cute. I also have a mindset when watching a movie. That it is only an entertainment and there’s no need to highly criticize it. I am here to watch, relax and enjoy.

I would still recommend for you guys to watch To All The Boys 2 but don’t dream of a Peter Kavinsky ‘coz he’s toxic AF.

Jam Nesreen

4 thoughts on “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

  1. Same thoughts! Even though kinilig ako sa ending, still PK is a major turn off! If I were Lara Jean, I’ll pick John Ambrose. Di lang practical, pero he is more than a man than PK. Lol. And… plus points talaga yung galing magpiano ni John Ambrose haha!

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