Top 5 Everyday Lipstick (Nudes)

Send me some nude….. lipstick.

This post is G-rated, I promise. Haha! I will be sharing my top 5 favorite everyday lipsticks and they are all nudes.

I usually gravitate towards lipsticks that have my “lips but better” shades for everyday use. My lips has a naturally dark tone so most of these lean on the brownish nudes.

top-bottom: maple mocha, cowboy, brink, mirrored mocha, learn

My Top 5 Everyday Lipstick:

1. L’oreal Color Rich Matte Lipstick – Maple Mocha

I was obsessed with this lipstick! There has been a time when I was wearing this nonstop that I had to get it out of my purse to give way to my other lipsticks. L’oreal’s Color Rich Matte line has a wide range of shades to choose from but this specific shade suits my skintone the best. No tugging upon application but you have to build up the color to get that opaque intensity. This has a satin finish and can easily come off but I don’t mind re-applying.

2. L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick – Cowboy

I think i’ve graduated on obssessing over liquid lipsticks but for days when you need a stronghold of color on your lips, a matte liquid lipstick will be your bestfriend. I especially love the shade of this infallible one and I like that it isn’t too drying. It stays on all day! I use this when i’m too lazy to re-touch my makeup.

3. Colourpop Lippie Stix – Brink

The best and OG Colourpop formula for me would be their lippie stix! It is so creamy and gentle on the skin. It’s everything I wanted for a lippie! This shade is perfect for when I want a subltle hint of pink on my lips.

4. Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick – Mirrored Mocha

This says its matte but I beg to disagree. I would say this has a satin finish and i’m all for it. As you can see, this bullet is well-loved. I’m about to finish it! Yey! You need to build up the color of this lipstick to achieve the opaqueness you want. I love the shade of this as it’s the closest to my lip color. One of the best my lips but better shade for me!

5. Ever Bilena Kris Matte Matic Lipstick – Learn

I cannot deny that this is the lipstick that currently lives on every purse I use. I cannot leave the house without this! It’s easy to use, perfect shade, stays a good while on the lips. It’s perfect for me! I love that it’s retractable. You need to buy this one!!

All the lippies mentioned can be bought on Lazada, Shopee or in any drugstores near you. Except for the Colourpop one.

I have a lot of favorite nude lipsticks but these are my current ones. What are your top 5 everyday lipstick? Let me know!

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