Top 5 Lifestyle Podcasts to Listen to if you are in your 20’s

I’m sharing to you my top 5 favorite lifestyle podcasts which are perfect if you are in your 20’s or any age to be honest.

Podcasts changed my life for the better. My chores, commute and free time has never been the same. I love listening to different podcast shows because I learn so much from them. SO. MUCH.

1. The Real Reel

top 5 lifestyle podcast

The Real Reel podcast is hosted by Natalie Barbu who is a Youtube vlogger, an engineering graduate, and an entrepreneur. In addition, she has her own shop called Shop Barbu.

She showcases the real reel side of the people who guests in her podcast. Unlike other podcasts wherein they interview successful and known people, Natalie takes on the other side. She mostly interviews those who are currently working on becoming successful on their crafts.

Natalie is very authentic and you can really tell that she puts in a lot of work in every episode that she uploads. I never get bored listening to her podcast. It actually feels like a sister is talking to me, giving me advises and telling me to go for that something that I truly want to do/achieve. She is wise, brave and full of dreams. I am truly inspired to take that leap of faith after listening to her.

My favorite episode:

2. Stupid Genius

top 5 lifestyle podcast

Stupid Genius is a podcast by Emma Chamberlain. I have been watching Emma’s vlogs and enjoys her story time videos. She’s a natural in telling stories that you’ll never get bored on a two-hour long video listening to her so who’s a better person to start a podcast than Emma? The 18-year old who just can’t shut up.

Emma is very entertaining and I love that I don’t get bored listening to her podcast while she talks about science-related trivia that I never thought I needed to know until I listened.

I always find myself giggling to her stories. She’s hilarious and her podcast is perfect for when I want a laugh or two.

My favorite episode:

3. Gals on the Go

top 5 lifestyle podcast

Gals on the Go is a podcast by Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio. They are best friends who both went to University of Georgia. Danielle and Brooke are very different but very similar at the same time. Their dynamic is very on point and relatable. I love their banters and the way they exchange stories is making me feel like I’m sitting down with two of my best friends just talking about life in general.

Gals on the Go is the perfect mix of a look back in college life and a peek into the post-grad life. I like how Danielle and Brooke gives us an insight on how they are balancing studies, 9-5 job and their internet career lmao for the lack of word).

If you are on the lookout for podcasts that tackles about college, friendships, careers, and some interviews from successful people, Gals on the Go got you covered.

My favorite episode:

4. Pretty Basic

If you have been on Youtube for years now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Alisha and Remi. They are lifestyle vloggers who now hosts the Pretty Basic podcast.

In their podcast, they talk about different topics such as heart break, weight loss, friendships and they also give an insight on the nitty gritty of Youtube and social media. I like listening to their podcast as they are very entertaining. It actually feels like talking to a friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time and you’re catching up right where you left.

Personally, I like their cute mini games at every start of the podcast. I also like that they touch up on dating topics and other adult stuff. Usually, I find myself saying, “OMG me too!” when listening to them. Haha! They’re cute, funny and they make me miss my best friends. Listening to Pretty Basic feels like I’m on a pajama party with my girls.

My favorite episode:

5. What We Said

top 5 lifestyle podcast

The What We Said podcast is hosted by Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade. The girls were best friends ever since they were teens and started this podcast out of a whim. Jaci is a social media content creator and Chelsey is a certified health coach. They are both in their 20’s and married.

They interview people from different walks of life for their podcast. The girls keep their fans/listener engaged by letting them submit stories and it’s so much fun to listen to! I also like their sense of humor, especially Chelsey. Their podcast mainly talks about lifestyle topics such as marriage, health and beauty.

I like how Chelsey and Jaci takes on topics that are very insightful and entertaining. They take on the more adult stuff. It’s impressive how they can share value or serious topics in a fun way. I feel more refreshed and full of wisdom after listening to them that’s why they’re on my top 5 lifestyle podcasts list!

My favorite episode:

Have you guys listened to any of the podcasts listed above? What are your top 5 favorite lifestyle podcasts? Share them with me!

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26 thoughts on “Top 5 Lifestyle Podcasts to Listen to if you are in your 20’s

  1. These sound like great podcasts! I’d really like to get into podcasts as I have a fairly long commute to work each day, so it would utilise that time wisely 🙂

  2. I have not listened to any of those podcasts nor have I heard of them but there are a couple that I really think I would find quite interesting. I, too, listen to podcasts; mostly Christian ones. I also listen to a few on fostercare and adoption because they really save me in this chaos. I would be interested in a couple of the ones you mentioned as well.

  3. Oooh! I started listening to podcasts lately. This helps me learn the different perspectives. I like the idea behind The Real Reel. I started listening to Asian Boss Girl and it has been great so far – I totally recommend this podcast if you haven’t checked them out :)! Thanks for sharing this list!

    Nancy ♥

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