Top 5 Travel Bucket List

img_1752I am a person who loves lounging around the house which explains why I am not big on travelling. I haven’t even gotten out of the country yet but of course there are some places that I wish I can travel to. I rounded up my choices and came up with this travel bucket list.

For at least once in our life, we should get ourselves out there and be a globe trotter for there is no better teacher than experience. Travelling is also unplugging from the hassle of your daily lives and being empowered by immersing in different cultures.

Here are my list in no particular order:

1. Rent a villa in BaliD-Chandrasti-Home.jpg

I have always, always wanted to visit Bali. I love tropical countries so much and for some reasons, looking at pictures of  Bali made me fall in love with the place. Bali has an unending list of beaches and also caters different activities for every adventurous soul. The accommodation choices in this island is awesome! Imagine having a villa all to yourself at an affordable price that is overlooking the beauty of nature. Amazing, isn’t it?!

2. Tour around the neighboring countries of EuropeCFBBTX-1680x1050.jpg

Need I say more? Every nook of Europe is picturesque and worth the visit. People who live here are lucky enough to travel to a beautiful country by train! Just thinking of travelling to this continent makes me giddy!

3. Shop at Los Angelessanta-monica-pier-sunset

I am not gonna lie. My agenda for LA is to shop at Target and all the other drugstores there and buy all the things my country don’t offer. Haha! I have been watching a lot of TV series and vlogs that I wanted to move to this city and find a job. I am amazed by the number of young people moving here to chase their dreams. The courage, drive and hard work that the people in here have, inspire me. Oh, and binge eat at the fast food chains!

4. Visit a local village in Fiji887792d3b2d72ad6caae0d8c8224fe83.jpg

There was this one night when I was watching Marcus and Kristin‘s travel vlog that I instantly listed Fiji in my travel bucket list. I dream of getting lost while riding a truck in this lovely place. Locals of Fiji are nice and friendly and it’s one of the reasons to visit.

5. See the Northern Lightstromso-norway-northern-lights-GettyImages-613887400.jpg

Who wouldn’t want to see the dancing, dazzling aurora borealis?! Imagine the nature giving you natural, magical fireworks. It is pretty awesome!

I hope I get to visit all these places. Have you been to any of these? Let me know in the comments and tell me what places you’ve been dying to visit!

Traveling awakens our enthusiasm in life. Go somewhere and brave the fear of unknown.

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22 thoughts on “Top 5 Travel Bucket List

  1. The Northern lights are high on my list. I’m constantly making lists of places I want to visit and things I want to see. Good luck accomplishing all of yours.

  2. Hey Jam! It’s always nice to travel to new places and learn new things! Bali is such a gorgeous place – I know I want to check that place out sooner than later. I live in LA and there’s so much to do! Hehe, don’t forget to drop by Disneyland when you come down ;). The Northern Lights look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing places you want to go!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Hi, Nancy! I agree! Traveling makes us richer! 🙂 Oh, wow! I’ve always loved to live there in LA! I wish I can visit there someday, but for now, I might have to check on your blog and take a peek on everything LA! Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate it ❤️

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