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Vision Board Review

Before my vision board review, let’s define what vision board is:

Vision Board – (n) a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation.

For this year, I made myself a vision board with all the things that I wanted to achieve. I researched for pictures, cut them out and stuck them to my planner. It’s important that you see your vision board everyday so you can wire your brain that it is already out there and it is for you. That’s also one of the teachings of the Law of Attraction. You need to visualize yourself getting what you want to achieve.

For this blog post, I wanted to look back on my vision board and see what actually came into fruition and what did not.

Vision Board Review:

Vision Board

As you can see on the picture above, I put there quite a hefty amount of quotes and it is so interesting that out of those quotes, something has realized.

But first off, I want to point out the things that did not work out for me.

  • “KEEP CALM and STUDY LAW” – I did enroll to law school but dropped out after a couple of months. The tiring commute and the heavy amount of things that I needed to do in my everyday life is taking a toll on my body and my mental health so I chose to just keep my day job and drop law school.
  • “Wake Up, Make-Up MNL” – I planned on opening an online store for makeups but this did not materialize since I was such a lazy ass b**** and I just can’t figure out the logistics part and so I dropped this project.
  • “Exercising, being more fit” – heck yeah. At the start of this year, I have been going to the gym religiously but the membership is so expensive and I just couldn’t keep it. Now i’m back to being a potato and eating crap.

And for the things that came true or at least materialized in a different way….

  • Laptop – I can still remember when I got my laptop like it was yesterday. I was so happy and grateful. I do not have enough savings to buy myself one but here we are. The universe made it happened.
  • Beach –  I told myself that I will visit 5 beaches for this year and lo and behold. I did!
  • Camera – I haven’t gotten one yet but I have my disposables! Lmao. I am also planning on getting an actual film camera for my birthday. These recent film trend is making me add to cart every freaking film camera there is.
  • Google Adsense – My google adsense is thriving. It has been my stream of passive income and I am here for it.
  • Makeups – I am still on a makeup grind and honestly, I wanted to change this and be minimal and not hoard  every single makeup release there is. I cannot keep up  with these brands!!!
  • Bali – I also put in there a picture of Bali. I haven’t been out of the country yet and I have been dying to go to Bali for sooooo long! Thankfully, we have booked our tickets and we are going next year. Yay!
  • Blog – I am so grateful that I have kept this blog for this long. I have no plans of quitting as this has been one of my dreams in life. Having my own little space in the interweb.
  • Savings – The savings part is what makes me laugh. In the picture, it has coins and a couple of bills which is exactly what materialized for me. Hahaha! I only have coins for savings. Next time I will put only bills!! Haha!

Going back to the quotes, I have just realized that it really made an impact to who I am today. I have in there CREATE, OUTDREAM YOURSELF, GIRL BOSS and ENJOY LITTLE THINGS. These specific sayings, I can correlate to my podcast. I haven’t thought that it will come into fruition this year and the content that we wanted to put out there deals on appreciating the little things. My co-host and I mainly do all the work from recording, editing, reaching out to guests to marketing. It really is a girl boss moment.

Wow! My vision board really has come full circle, didn’t it? I plan on doing this every year and to be more specific to the things that I want to achieve.

Vision Board = 10/10 would recommend! Have you had a vision board review also? How did it go?

Jam Nesreen

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