Vogue’s 73 Questions Parody + my first ever collab!

I love watching Vogue’s 73 Questions videos because it’s so entertaining and gives you a glimpse of how celebrities are in real life. In addition, I also like that they film this in celebrities’s houses.

I’ve always dreamt of being interviewed by Vogue so what better way to make my dreams come true than to blog about it? This is the closest I can get to making 73 Questions interview a reality – at least for now. Who knows, years down the road, i’ll come back to this blog post with a link to my real Vogue’s 73 Questions! A girl can dream!

I reached out to Hunida for a collab and sent her my 73 questions for her to answer and vice versa. Here’s a link to her blog. I’ve had some juicy questions so be sure to check that out!

So without further ado, here are the 73 Questions that Hunida came up with for me to answer.

Vogue’s (Hunida’s) 73 Questions:

1. At what age did you have your first kiss?

⁃ What a juicy first question! I’ll just have to answer this as wholesome as possible so i’ll say at age zero. Hahaha!

2. What cell phone provider do you have?

⁃ I use Globe Telecom.

3. What is your favorite nail polish color?

⁃ I rarely use nail polish but everytime I do my go-to is is nudes!

4. Have you ever drank rain water?

⁃ I have during my younger years when we would play under the rain.

5. Do you prefer your tea plain or with milk and/or sugar?

⁃ I prefer plain. I actually love the taste of tea, as is.

6. Who is your favorite super hero?

⁃ Do Ninja Turtle counts? Hahaha!

7. Favorite Disney Princess?

⁃ Belle and Aurora.

8. Can you keep a plant alive and well?

⁃ I don’t want to say that I can’t but I’ve killed way too many plants. Hahaha!

9. If you had to choose your last meal, ever, right now– what would it be?

⁃ Any breakfast meal would be awesome!

10. Who is the best cook in your family?

⁃ I would have to give this to my mom. She cooks the best meals ever.

11. Do you enjoy reality TV shows?

⁃ I don’t usually watch TV shows but I do enjoy a couple of episodes.

12. What is the first movie that made you cry?

⁃ Hands down The Notebook!

13. Do you laugh out loud at your phone sometimes?

⁃ Memes are hilarious so yes!

14. Can you type without looking at the keyboard or do you have to always look down?

⁃ I can type without looking.

15. Do you ever use your phone to blog?

⁃ I just recently bought a laptop but I use my phone to blog all the time. It’s so convenient and handy.

16. What’s your favorite chocolate bar called?

⁃ This is hard because I have a sweet tooth and I love almost every chocolate bar I come across with. But my recent fave would be Kinder Bueno.

17. What season is your favorite?

⁃ We only have dry and wet season on my side of the world so I’ll have to pick the dry season or summer.

18. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

⁃ I’m a baby when it comes to being cold so i’d rather be too hot.

19. Have you ever worn toe socks?

⁃ I have and it’s surprisingly so comfy!

20. What are you go-to shoes to wear?

⁃ sneakers for sure.

21. Do you own a self-stick?

⁃ I don’t. 😬

22. What’s your favorite emoji?

⁃ I love the sparkle emoji. This one ✨

23. Favorite cereal?

⁃ We do not have a lot of cereal selections from where I am but I love Koko Crunch!

24. Did you ever play hopscotch as a child?

⁃ I did not and might have to try this. Never too late on anything right?

25. Do you enjoy board games?

⁃ Yes! Yes! Scrabble is my language!

26. Do you have names picked out for your children?

⁃ I haven’t yet.

27. Do you remember how old you were when you learned how to ride a bicycle?

⁃ I learned early on like around 7 years old, I think.

28. Do you like spicy foods?

⁃ Spicy foods are my jam! I couldn’t go a single meal without chili.

29. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

⁃ I love that I have my own little space in the internet where I can be myself and share anything that I want.

30. What is your favorite genre for books?

– Before I got hooked on self-help books, I used to love New Adult.

31. Did you read all of the Harry Potter series?

⁃ Yes! It is truly a masterpiece.

32. What size shoe do you wear?

⁃ I wear an eight.

33. Do you wear any piece of jewelry every single day?

⁃ I do not wear jewelry on a daily basis however, on special ocassions I do.

34. Do you prefer sour or sweet candies?

⁃ I prefer sweets.

35. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

⁃ Definitely crunchy!

36. Pencils or pens?

⁃ Pens!

37. Lipstick of lipgloss?

⁃ Lipstick. The bullet ones.

38. Favorite moisturizer?

⁃ I’m still on a hunt for the perfect moisturizer but currently i’m a huge fan of Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera.

39. Favorite makeup remover?

⁃ I’m currently loving Althea Korea’s Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser. So good!

40. Favorite mascara?

⁃ Anything from Maybelline is great!

41. Do you enjoy roller coaster rides or are you afraid of them?

⁃ I enjoy them!

42. What was the last book you finished called?

⁃ The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

43. eBook, audiobook, or physical book?

⁃ Physical book because I love the smell of the pages.

44. Do you enjoy scary movies?

⁃ Yes! I’m that kind of person who mostly watches scary movies.

45. What’s your favorite series on Netflix?

⁃ I actually do not have any at the moment but if FRIENDS and HIMYM counts, that would be it.

46. Do you have a favorite candle scent?

⁃ I love fresh-scented ones, vanilla and lavender!

47. Cats or dogs?

⁃ Both because they’re equally cute and adorable!

48. Are you good at drawing?

⁃ I’m terrible at it! Lol

49. How about singing?

⁃ Still terrible. Hahaha! Although, I sing a lot on showers.

50. What’s your favorite app?

⁃ I love the Shine app! You should try it! It’s a self-care app.

51. Favorite flower?

⁃ Sunflower! Nothing beats a happy flower.

52. Favorite cartoon growing up?

⁃ Spongebob Squarepants.

53. Favorite ice cream flavor?

⁃ Rocky Road.

54. Do you have a phone case? What does it look like?

⁃ I do but it’s just a simple pink jelly case. Nothing fancy.

55. Do you have any siblings? How many?

⁃ I have four siblings.

56. Is there one thing you can’t go to sleep without?

⁃ I can’t go to sleep without scrolling through the Vlog Squad gossip site which I know is a terrible habit.

57. What is the very first thing you do when you wake up?

⁃ Check my phone which is another bad habit I need to break!

58. Do you prefer carpet or hardwood/tile flooring in your bedroom?

⁃ I’d rather go for hardwood/tile because carpets are a lot of work to clean.

59. What’s your favorite Social Media to browse?

⁃ Instagram.

60. Do you stay up-to-date on current events?

⁃ No 🙁

61. Are you into watching sports?

⁃ No 🙁

62. How about playing them?

⁃ I did play volleyball during my highschool years but that’s it. Hahaha!

63. Would you rather swim in the ocean, lake, or pool?

⁃ I’m a big ocean girl.

64. What is the number one spot on your vacation bucket list?

⁃ Bali! I’m so ecstatic to be going next year and I can’t wait!

65. Have you ever been to a musical?

⁃ I have once during my undergrad years and it’s such a magical experience.

66. How about a concert?

⁃ I haven’t but it’s on my bucketlist!

67. If you could see anyone sing live, who would it be?

⁃ I’d love to hear Ed Sheeran live.

68. What would be the first thing you bought if you won a million dollars?

⁃ Definitely a beach house. That’s my ultimate dream.

69. Do you know how to play poker?

⁃ I don’t.

70. Do you like watching vlogs?

⁃ Yes! I spent most of my leisure time watching vlogs. It’s so addicting!

71. What’s the best music video you ever watched?

⁃ Ariana Grande’s music videos. They are all bomb!

72. What was the last thing your purchased?

⁃ I just bought Vitamin C because I caught the flu.

73. What is the first question you’d ask someone on a date?

⁃ I’ll probably ask what their birth chart is. Hahaha!

I enjoyed answering this and the whole collab experience is everything and I’d love to do more so if you’re a blogger and want a collab, hit me up!

I’d also like to thank Hunida for being down to collab with me.

Please, please do check out Hunida’s blog too! She’s such a babe and a sweet girl and she’s so easy to work with.

If you are still reading until this mark you are the best! What’s your fave Vogue 73 Questions video? Let me know in the comments below!

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