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To list down all the amazing Youtubers to Watch would take me the whole freaking day and 10 pages of blog posts. Haha! I love lurking around youtube and watching random videos from beauty channels to conspiracy theories to mukbangs to different vlogs. It is really amazing how Youtube holds a lot of diverse content that would surely fit each and everyone’s interests.

I’m going to list down some of my favorite Youtubers, this means I have their notifications on. Most of the time, I fell into the blackhole that is their channels. Sit back, relax and take down notes as I am about to share amazing content creators who you could watch and hopefully enjoy when you’re looking for some pick me up videos!



Number one on my list would be David Dobrik and his squad! I stan David and everyone in the vlog squad! David’s videos are mostly full of funny bits which will make you laugh your ass off. If you commit to watch his videos, you are definitely in for a treat. A treat in which you wouldn’t know what you’re going to pick. There might be plain fun, weird and/or gross contents that will make you puke but that’s okay because that’s part of the fun ride, right?!


I watch Zane’s videos because of her sister, Hidaya. She’s so sassy and funny. I love her! I wanna be her when I grow up! Lol. Seriously though, it’s beyond me how a person like Hidaya can crack a funny but witty remark in just a split second. This kid is going places, i’m telling you. Watch out for her!


Carly and Erin? Who are they, you ask? They are also part of the vlog squad but they have their own thing a.k.a driving thru starbucks and fetching their PO boxes. Haha! They do ordinary things that most of us do but they are just fun to watch. They are downright relatable. They also have their Sunday videos aside from their vlogs where they film “normal” videos, like DIYs.


Should I even talk about who Shane Dawson is? Oh c’mon! He’s one of the biggest in the Youtube world. His videos are shifting to a documentary type one which will draw you in for hours! He puts in a lot of work for every videos. Bottomline is he is winning his game!


Casey Neistat and his content is genius! His edits are interesting to watch and he does tech reviews and just everything in between.


Moving on to the beauty category where everyone seems to spill their teas and wave their friends dirty laundries online. Just kidding! (Only half kidding lol)






When it comes to make-up reviews and everything related to beauty, I go to these channels to check on their thoughts about a certain product before actually buying it. Most of the time, their recommendations work for me so I trust their reviews. I also love how they put in some drugstore make-up suggestions every now and then because let’s face it, not everyone can afford a $80 palette.







I am not actually sure where to categorize these channels. Lifestyle? Husband and Wife? Family? Beautiful people? (Because duh these couples are beautiful. Imagine what their babies would look like!) I have been watching these couples for a while now and I really enjoy their content. They are cute and everything I want my marriage life would be. It is so inspiring how they have found their special someone who supports their line of careers and be able to have what they have now in a young age. I would also commend the faith these people have. You can really see in their content how committed they are in their faith. Love them!






These people are the breathe of fresh air in this world of chaos. Wouldn’t you want to watch a video telling you how to wake up early or how to manage stress? I don’t know about you but i’ll count myself in! Self-care? I’m all about that! I love how encouraging these girls are. No shade, no tea but they really helped me in dealing with self-improvement. You might want to give their videos a try because they are the best! The world needs more of them. <3

These are some of the channels that I watch keep track of in Youtube. Let me know who Youtubers you watch in the comments below! 🙂

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  1. Lovely list of youtubers! I only watch Shane out of these but love family vloggers the most, they’re always the ones I seem to watch. Will be checking some of these out!

  2. Great list of youtubers you have here and I’m familiar with a few of them like Kathleen Lights 🙂 I love watching family vloggers especially when they’re so genuine and true as well!! x

  3. I already follow some of the youtubers you mentioned but I didn’t know about casey neistat, who really sounds amazing.thanks for sharing. I am going to binge watch his videos now.

  4. Love that there are so many different YouTubers out there. I haven’t caught up with these YouTubers in such a long time. Shane has been making some exciting videos for the longest! He’s doing great. It’s awesome to see drugstore makeup being featured and rocked. Forget $80 palettes! Thanks for sharing these recs!

    Nancy ♥

  5. There were so many people on this list that I actually love! There are other people on this list, that I had never heard of and subscribed to immediately because of the way you described them! Great post! I hope to become a great vlogger one day just like them 🙂 xxx

    Melina |

    1. Yayyy! You watch them too? I hope you’ll enjoy the new ones that you saw. I’m excited for you to watch them. Let me know if you’ll start your channel and i’d be happy to support you ❤️

      1. I actually have a channel, but I’m not the most consistent! I’m going to try to get back into it soon! If you do wanna subscribe i’m at 🙂 x

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